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3. Vous pouvez également suivre votre demande d'offre au centre des comptes dans l'onglet "ma demande d'offres"


1 22

1.Can you search the parts you need quickly on our site?

  • Very easy to find the parts I need
  • Always can’t find the parts I need.
  • I can find the parts, but no detail /correct information
  • Other
2 23

2. In which way you send inquiry to us?

  • By email
  • By skype, whatsapp, facebook
  • By inquiry cart on our site
  • Other ways
3 24

3.Why you didn’t place an order when you got a quotation from us?

  • No product
  • High price
  • we don’t quote you in time
  • Not need or not decide yet
  • Other reason
4 25

4. Is there any problems when you check out?

  • There is no problems or questions
  • The total weight is not correct
  • The plus discount is not right
  • The page was gone sometimes
  • Other problems you had ever
5 26

5. Is there any problems when you make a payment?

  • No problems
  • Always can’t make the payment, there is an error
  • The payment terms on Utsource is limited
  • Other problems you had ever
6 27

6. Did you meet some quality problems when you got the parcels?

  • Yes, a lot
  • Yes, a little
  • No, don’t have any quality problems
  • Your own opinion
7 28

7. Have all your problems been solved in time?

  • Yes, all problems has been solved in time
  • Solved, but take a long time
  • Not solved and take a long time to communicate
  • Your own opinion
8 29

8, How do you think about our shipping service?

  • It takes a long time to ship the part out
  • Ok, I am satisfied with the shipping service
  • It takes a long time to delivery
  • The tracking information updated very slow
  • Your own opinion
9 30

9, Do you often focus on the activities on our site?

  • Yes, I know every event on our site
  • Yes, but don’t know much about them
  • No, never
  • Other opinion
10 31

10, How do you know about the website activity?

  • By the emails we sent you
  • By the banner in the home page on our site
  • By subscription
  • Others
11 32

11, What kind of events are you interested in on our site?

  • Plus Membership Service with discount
  • Get more shipping coupons or coupon for products
  • Free shipping, order under $5
  • Sales during the festival
  • what you want events
12 33

12, What do you think about the activity page on our site?

  • Don’t notice it
  • It is very nice, I like it
  • I don’t quite understand it
  • Other opinions
13 34

Any other problems or advice you can write here:

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