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Best Pentalobe Screwdriver 0.8*25mm Green

The Best Pentalobe screwdriver has a 5-point bit which is suitable for the p...



Pro Rhino Phillips Screwdriver 1.2*25mm Orange

Pro Rhino Phillips screwdriver features metal handle, spinning top and magne...



Best Exchange Tip Ceramic Tweezers Fine Tip Straight 72-MZ

Coming with anti-glare stainless steel handle and fine & straight ceramic ti...



BST-102B Soldering Iron Blue

BST-102B Soldering Iron is used to heat up your device so as to help you tea...



Pro Rhino Mini Curved Cutter RP-240 Black/Blue

Pro Rhino Mini Curved Cutter is used to cut off the useless wire. This one i...



Repairing Supporting Frame for iPhone 5/6/6 Plus/6S/6S Plus Black

Repairing Supporting Frame is used to support your iPhone, so as to assist y...



YF-933 Soldering Iron Blue

YF-933 Soldering Iron is used to heat up your device so as to help you tear ...



Mainboard Maintenance Tools Kit Blue

Mainboard Maintenance Tools Kit includes six different kinds of tools. It wo...



Kaisi Repair Toolkit for iPhone 4S 7pcs

DIY repair your broken iPhone 4S is possible. A professional repair tool kit...



Metal Mobile Phone Holdfast Silver

This Metal Mobile Phone Holdfast is used to hold up your phone and made it r...



Metal Cutter Knife No.16 Silver

Metal Cutter Knife No.16 is a multi-functional knife for you to remove or cl...



Mechanic Solder Paste

Mechanic Solder Paste 50g Solder Paste is an essential tool during heating p...



Demolition CPU Tool Kits Silver

Demolition CPU Tool Kits is used to assist you to tear down the CPU. This de...



Best Plastic Opening Tool for Pad/ Laptop Green

Plastic Opening Tool BST-128 Green is a good DIY tool for repairing and open...



Flush Wire Cutter

Do you want to cut excess wire or precisely trim wire? The high quality flus...



BST Electronic Heat Gun Blue ( 110V )

BST Electronic Heat Gun is used to head up your device to assist you disasse...



BST-100 Pen-Type Gas Soldering Iron

BST-100 Pen-Type Gas Soldering Iron is a tool with filling gas so as to heat...



BST-8929 Precise Screwdriver Set

BST-8929 Precise Screwdriver Set is a multipurpose screwdriver set for you t...



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