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2019-07-19 Update: Water overflow alarm

『Arduino uno』 view more:『buzzer』 view more:『ultrasonic sensor 』 view more:『jumper wires 』 view more:『programming cable 』 view more: descriptions:Step 1:- connect jumper wires to vcc,eco, trigGndStep 2:- connect trigr pin of sensor to the arduino pin No.11Step 3:- Connect Eco p...

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2019-07-19 Update: Make a Simple LED Flasher

Product list:『RGB LED』 view more:『green LED』 view more;『330 ohm 0.5w resistor』 view more: descriptions:Step 1:-Prepare a RGB LED, a green LED, a 300ohm 0.5w resistor and a power supply.Step 2:-Connect a 330-ohm resistor to the positive terminal of RGB LED.Step 3:-connect a positive terminal of a green LED to the negative terminal of the RGB.Step 4:- Connect it t...

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2019-07-17 Update: Doorbell repairing

Get the parts from our online store: https://www.utsource.netKnow more about Utsource: to Utsource channel: us:Email: sales@utsource.comFollow us:Facebook:ВКонтакте:

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2019-07-16 Update: Gesture Control Robot With Arduino

Product list:L298N view more: view more: view more: view more: descriptions:Step 1:- Configure the Bluetooth module to the master and slave by the AT command.Step 2:- Arduino code for Gesture control robot Step 3:- Upload the code into Arduino and assemble the components according to the circuit diagram.Get the parts from o...

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2019-07-16 Update: How To Make Bicycle Horn

Step descriptions:Step 1:-Prepare all the part need in this videos: BC547 X1, 330ohms resistor 0.5W X1, RGB LED X1, 5V Buzzer, 220ohms resistor 0.5W X1.Step 2: -Solder the BC547 and 330ohms resistor as showed in the video .Step 3: -Solder the LED as showed in the video .Step 4: -Solder the other pin of BC547 and 220ohms resistor as showed in the video .Step 5: -Solder the pins of the buzzer as showed in the pic below.Step 6: -Solder the jumper wire.Step 7: -Connect it on to the power supply and ...

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